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AI-powered football transfers

Transforming subjectivity to success

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Billions of euros are wasted every year on failed football transfers. 

By minimizing subjectivity across the decision-making process we will reduce transfer waste.

We connect data to sport,

the intelligent way


No one else does

what we do

27.png is a sports analytics company focused on reducing subjectivity in football transfers worldwide by using advanced statistical models and artificial intelligence, applied to millions of data points.

Our passion for football and technology lets us deliver tailor-made information to clubs and agencies. Combined with a deep understanding of their individual needs, philosophies, and team dynamics, we help them to reduce transfer waste and identify the right talent for their needs through objective, data-driven methods. 

We have

proven success


Our international team has a proven track record in analytics and sports analytics, having already tested our approach in the market through successful partnerships with football clubs, sports agencies, and data providers.

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Our business model is simple:
if you win, we win.
We always have skin in the game.

About Us

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